ZoneCast features Hi5 Winners Cubby and SPOT App

Following Haltech’s Hi5 Pitching Competition on Nov 26th, Salman Aziz, producer of ZoneCast, sat down with winner Jeffrey Ross and people’s choice winner Darren Perlman.

Mr. Ross is the president and CEO of Cubby – Providing convenient, affordable, and reliable access to app-based, unlimited storage in high-density areas. Mr. Perlman co-founded SPOT App – revolutionizing the hiring process by giving employers easy access to SPOT’s new socio-Gig Economy.

“I expect that we will be able to deploy the app into the market within the next three to five months.” … “When you download the app you will be able to go into the system and order boxes to be delivered to your condominium, we deliver them to the condo, apartment tower or commercial tower, wherever we are imbedded, into a smart locker system. And then at your leisure you can go down to the smart locker system, scan the QR code, the locker pops open and you’re able to retrieve your box.” – Jeffrey Ross, CEO | Cubby


“If you do the job and you do our learning program that goes with it, we’re going to help upscale you and build up that resume so that you’ll be a prime candidate to get a job in pretty much any industry. We’re building up those hard and soft skills, helping with your micro-certifications so that we’re putting you in the best position possible for future employment.” – Darren Perlman, Co-Founder | SPOT App

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