Women’s Day Appreciation Campaign

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Female entrepreneurs make up an astounding 40% of Haltech’s total client base. In celebration of these statistics and International Women’s Day, we recognized 12 of Haltech’s exceptional female founders and leaders through our social media channels by sharing their words of motivation with the #HerHalton hashtag.

Rina Carlini, President of Cloud DX and former President and CEO of Haltech, shares her thoughts on overcoming obstacles and helping women thrive in the STEM industry.

What advice would you give to women in the STEM industry to help them thrive and how would you encourage young women to pursue a career in those fields?

“I think that women are well-suited for rewarding careers in the STEM sector. It’s a natural fit for many women because the STEM industry requires a holistic approach to problem-solving, where one has to consider multiple elements of the problem, and give thoughtful consideration of the sensitivities that can impact the outcome. Although society has not given enough attention to promoting careers for women in STEM, that should not prevent women from aspiring to such roles. Women thrive when they are challenged to solve complex problems. Having an ambitious attitude will help you overcome any doubts about your abilities, will drive you forward and achieve “A+” in your goals. I hope women never give up on their personal and career aspirations, even in the face of adversity. The well-known expression, “In challenge there is opportunity”, should be part of everyone’s guiding mantra in the pursuit of success and happiness.”

#HerHalton 2018 Featured Haltech Clients and Corporate Members

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