MaRS Startup Toolkit

General resources & tools. Find an overview of resources relating to COVID-19. Go-to-market. Learn the basics of building an effective go-to-market strategy.


DealPrep | Legal Contract Templates Built by Lawyers, Made for Founders

Hundreds of legal contract templates at your fingertips! Vetted by lawyers, each of our contract templates packs legal clause-by-clause Q&As and commentary, teaching you the legal fundamentals of what you’re drafting, reviewing and negotiating.

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BDC Entrepreneur's Toolkit

As a startup, you have limited resources, so the goal of a homepage is to be self-evident. Prioritize clarity, directness, and brevity. No need to be innovative with your design, unless you have a great reason to do so.

When site visitors come to your site, they want to figure out what you do right away. Give them that info as quickly as you can to help them decide whether to sign up or not.


MaRS/ EDC International Growth Resources

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