TimeSaved Uses Their Technology to Deploy Workers Safely and Effectively During COVID-19

TimeSaved is a software company that is using their platform to help staffing agencies better prepare and deploy their workforces during COVID-19.

Founded in 2015, TimeSaved has a simple mandate: get the right people into the right jobs, faster. And with the world currently undergoing substantial economic upheaval, TimeSaved is committed to providing the best platform for agencies to get their workers back to work safely and effectively.

Deploying Workers to the Frontlines of Healthcare During COVID-19

TimeSaved has seen success with their platform during COVID-19, helping a Michigan-based agency grow their business and successfully pivot into the burgeoning market of healthcare staffing.

Unlike the technology systems that have been used in staffing for decades, TimeSaved is optimized for agility. It is built so agencies can quickly pivot their operations in response to fluctuating needs, something that many businesses found themselves unprepared to deal within 2020.

By providing quick implementation, easy candidate onboarding and real time updates, TimeSaved enabled the rapid workforce scaling necessary to get MCM Staffing deploying quickly onto the frontlines of the COVID-19 response. They were able to use TimeSaved’s best-in-class onboarding to bring on hundreds of net new healthcare workers in a matter of weeks.

COVID-19 Safety Tools: Getting People Back to Work Safely

After consulting with clients and industry experts about the challenges in getting people back to work safely, TimeSaved has built comprehensive COVID screening right into its technology, a first of its kind in the industry.

Candidates are prompted to complete a safety questionnaire before accepting a job or clocking into a shift, and workflows are triggered automatically to ensure adherence to proper protocols. Worksites are also awarded safety verification that tells workers at a glance whether they are adhering to proper PPE, social distancing and sanitization guidelines.

Read more about TimeSaved’s COVID safety response.




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