The Key to Successful Investment for Your Startup

gold key and canadian dollars, concept of successDo you plan to raise money? Expect to sell your company one day? Going through the due diligence process can be daunting, whether it is your first investment round or you are preparing to sell your entire company. Investment Readiness with David W. Wright breaks down the process by introducing 18 questions investors want answers to. Preparing for these will strengthen your pitch and help you better understand your valuation drivers.

In this exclusive program, David W. Wright will share with you his best kept secrets on how to conduct yourself in the capital markets to maximize your potential outcome. Investment Readiness provides you with the tools and structured accountability you need to be confident in front of investors (templates, checklists, and more), as well as a community network of peers who are also working to become investment ready. David has 30 years’ experience as an equity research analyst, investment banker and advisor, working with thousands of technology companies and providing well informed investment advice.

Program Details

The Investment Readiness program was developed by David W. Wright of Cassio Capital Advisors in collaboration with Angel One and Equation Angels. It is primarily focused on preparing early-stage companies for raising capital; whether that involves pitches to individual angel investors, venture capitalists or corporations (M&A activity). You will work with proven tools and templates for gathering the information necessary to close a deal! You will pitch, get feedback and gain skills and knowledge required to satisfy potential investors.

Offered semi-annually, each cohort will commit to 3 hours over 5 weeks of on-demand video modules through our e-learning platform powered by Enable Education.  Each module will be followed by an interactive tutorial with the cohort members, delivered by the expert, David W. Wright of Cassio Capital Advisors.

Don’t just take it from us, see what others are saying:

Haltech's Investment Readiness program was phenomenal because it prepared me for investor questions I hadn't considered. The course was certainly an excellent program for preparing for financial due diligence.


If you have built a company that needs investing you should participate. If you work on this enterprise full time, it's for you. If you need to raise capital and are willing to put in the effort, go for it! The only thing holding you back is your mindset. Go in with an open mind. Do the work and ask questions. Haltech is a wonderful organization that offers outstanding programming for business owners. If you are a business owner in the Halton region, connect with them today. You won't be disappointed.

Pomp & Sass

I did not fully understand the time frames that investors are interested in, that they don’t always want the quick return on investment but are often looking for a longer relationship due to the amount of work it takes to find and vet a company to invest in. Although not a hard fact, it was very insightful to hear how an investor listens, and the metrics they are using. It was very valuable to get the format needed, in the form the investor is accustomed to. Communication given is only as effective as it is understood, and giving the information in the expected form is invaluable. In founding a company, we are our own investors to start. The course helps to clarify and acid-test our own companies from an investor point of view, giving us more energy to put into getting it ready for external investors!

Catapult Design Studios

The true benefit of the Investment Readiness program is it makes you think about your business from first principles; such as the customer benefits of your offering or perhaps the distribution channels possible. This helps you describe your business better, whether it is to prospective customers, employees or investors. As such, understanding the financial investment process better provided dividends, not only in terms of raising money, but in simply helping my company grow faster.



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