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What could your company achieve with a $15,000 wage subsidy?

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Science and Technology Internship Program – Green Jobs is a wage subsidy program for STEM career placement opportunities in the natural resources sector linked to the green economy.

The Science and Technology Internship Program – Green Jobs gives employers the freedom to:

  • Meet their staffing needs with less financial risk
  • Grow their business
  • Access a pool of workers eager to utilize their skills
  • Develop new talent within their companies

Long success record

BioTalent Canada has a long track record of successful implementation of career placement programs, helping new talent gain employment in biotech and assisting companies in offsetting the costs of hiring. Since 2005 BioTalent Canada has placed over 1286 through the federal Youth Employment Strategies (YES) program including 318 through the Career Focus Green Jobs and 106 through Science Horizons Programs. Also, since 2017, BioTalent Canada has successfully placed 786 STEM and business students within bio-economy WIL opportunities across Canada to help them become job-ready. For stories and more details on the success of BioTalent Canada wage subsidy programs please see our reports Mapping Potential – Profiles of Canada’s biotech frontiers and Green Crossovers – Emerging horizons in Canada’s bio-economy.

Program description

The Science and Technology Internship Program – Green Jobs covers the cost of a new hire’s salary by 50% to a maximum of $15,000/year to help employers hire the talent they need and help youth initiate a career. Employers can bring on an eager, young worker for a special project – and at the end of the placement end up with a skilled candidate already oriented to their company. Youth from northern and remote communities have an opportunity for an increased subsidy.

Natural Resources include the fields of energy, forestry, and minerals and metals as well as earth sciences


To qualify as a natural resource STEM job related to the green economy, the position needs to fall in one of the two categories:

  1. Jobs that require environmental skills, knowledge, experience or competencies in order to produce products or services that have an environmental benefit. Examples include:
    • Architects and land-use planners who incorporate sustainability into designs, air quality engineers and conservation officers.
  2. Jobs that may not require specialized environmental skills but result in an environmental benefit.

Uncertain if your job qualifies? Don’t count yourself out.

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