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RuListing is a real estate networking platform connecting buyers, renters and sellers privately. Buyers and renters can post where and what they’re looking for, property owners can search their address, view who’s looking in their neighbourhood, and send private messages.

Buyers and renters post.

Are you tired of settling for what’s listed, missing out on private deals and bidding wars?

Now every home is possible as buyers can connect directly to homeowners of properties anytime, anywhere – whether in a local neighborhood, cottage country or across continents. Buyers simply post an interest and let owners – with a Buyer Post address match – respond. Buyers can increase owner response rates by strengthing their profile that provides a higher ruRTP score, a top ranking within an owner’s address search and a larger, more interactive profile post.

Home search on mobile

Keep track of your favorite homes, streets and neighborhoods, take photos, write notes, store for the future, share with family and friends and post all on the go. Visit on mobile or tablet. Coming soon: Download RuListing® from the app store and start building today.

Owners connect

Are buyers driving by or knocking on your door? Fed up with long lead times, open houses for browsers or low quality leads? Avoid it all! Homeowners can now connect directly and send a message to buyers posted on their own address, street or within their neighborhood on Owners can view buyer profiles, what and where they’re looking and qualify buyers with ruRTP scores – a proprietary metric that gauges a buyer’s likelihood of purchasing, helping owners feel more comfortable connecting online. Homeowners can view a buyer’s desired home criteria, timeframe to purchase and, with a Buyer Post address match, discover if they already know each other through mutual community groups or social connections – all before sending a message.


What really resonated with me the most through the program is the overall leadership. This program has been phenomenal in terms of professionalism, the support, the fact of just having that emotional support, trusted people around you that are really invested in and have an interest in your success, it is invaluable, and it is hard to find.” – Susan Joynt, Founder and CEO


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