Reduce Churn with Sticky Client On boarding Experiences – Webinar Recording

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Recording form April 29th session with Dusan Baic

One of the pitfalls of customer retention for SAAS companies is lack of proper customer on-boarding process.

When B2B SAAS companies think of growth, they often think of “new”. Looking at the success of existing customers is often the most commonly overlooked area for growth.

When it comes to welcoming and orienting new users to their platform, often times customers are dumped into a tool, aren’t properly guided and end up churning due to frustration. Also, the easier time a client has understanding and properly utilizing the good at its fullest potential, the more value they’ll get out of the purchase — improving customer satisfaction, the likelihood of retention, and the possibility of a referral.

Speaker: Dusan Baic

Dusan Baic is a growth marketer with 10+ years helping B2B ventures acquire and retain the right customers. In 2019, his venture DealTap got acquired by Remine after raising $13M and scaling an e-signature product in the real estate SAAS market. Since then, Dusan has switched gears to consult other young businesses with scaling through a tip-to-tail approach to growth. You can learn more about him at Haltech Website:… Haltech Twitter: Haltech LinkedIn:

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