Payd & Dwellcome featured on Founder’s Beta list of top 27 hottest Toronto startups

Founder’s Beta recently published their picks for the top 27 hottest Toronto startups. We are proud to share that Dwellcome and Payd are featured! Congratulations to both Dwellcome and Payd for your continued successes and increasing exposure to the startup community.

Toronto has become one of the top destinations in the world to build a startup. It is a diverse, peaceful, and stable place to start a startup. Many tech giants have their head quarters in Toronto such as Google, Facebook, and Linkedin. Netflix is also coming to Toronto soon. In this post, we bring you some of the hottest up coming Toronto Startups. They have serious traction and are building companies with great impact.

About Dwellcome

Tom Pischel | Founder |Dwellcome.

Number 23 on the list is Dwellcome. Dwellcome helps new residents onboard into their new neighborhood after moving through personalized neighbourhood guides curated to match their lifestyle needs.

About Payd

Jonathan Hillis | Founder & CEO | Payd.

Payd received the number 10 spot. What is the amount of student debt in North America? $1,827,186,122,212 is the total amount of student debt in North America. Payd is Canada’s first financial app dedicated to saving and paying for post-secondary education. The app has been developed to help students, families and employees save and pay for their school debt without changing their natural spending habits. It’s basically savings on autopilot.

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