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Sentinel provides a panoramic view of the state of health of all your Workday integrations and real-time alerts if problems occur. Sentinel gives you confidence that data is flowing as it should with Workday and helps ensure issues are detected quickly so your business keeps running.

We’re excited about the name change because Sentinel more closely reflects the value of this product. Over half a million integration events have already been monitored by Sentinel since launch. Sentinel has detected thousands of integration failures, errors and warnings during this time, and its automatically prioritized alerts have helped people operations teams keep their integration portfolios running smoothly.

At Dispatch, we know that reliable integrations are vital to ensure critical business processes are not disrupted. Sentinel is a secure zero-footprint integration monitoring system that gives you piece of mind that data is flowing as it should and you have the information to fix issues quickly if something goes wrong.

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Cameron Hay
Cameron Hay is the President & CTO of Dispatch Integration, a data integration and workflow automation company with clients in Canada, US, Europe and Australia. He has over 30 years of leadership experience in various technology-oriented industries
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