Managing Risk and Insurance during COVID – Webinar Recording

By May 8, 2020October 9th, 2020COVID-19, News
May 6, 2020 recording

With COVID-19 causing global concern, many entrepreneurs have questions related to commercial insurance in these uncertain times.

Conversation with Chris Cameron of The Magnes Group – Canadian Insurance Brokerage on:

• Understanding insurer responses to pandemic situations

• Adapting to the challenges and risks that have emerged as companies are forced to move to remote working

• Strategies for developing new customer relationships in a virtual setting


Chris Cameron – MAGNES/CNA Insurance As a broker and risk management specialist Chris helps startup clients with a customized advisory: in some cases that means providing information, in others it means finding them insurance options, and in many instances, he helps clients figure out when to avoid needlessly buying insurance. His specialty areas of focus include technology and startups.

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