Haltech Client Innovia GEO Wins IoT PropTech Pitch

By November 20, 2020November 23rd, 2020Haltech Client Spotlight

Haltech is proud to share that Innovia GEO Corp. was named the winner of the IoT PropTech pitch.

Innovia GEO is making geothermal systems less expensive by integrating geothermal functionality into the steel foundation piles that are typically used in building construction. This way, the infrastructure that is already going into the ground can also provide clean and efficient geothermal capacity to meet a building’s heating and cooling needs.

“We’re really excited to present at the IoT Proptech summit to show how we’re using innovative installation methods and smart control systems to make geothermal heating and cooling more accessible and efficient.  While not as well known as solar and wind, geothermal heating and cooling systems are a proven form of clean and efficient renewable energy that can help us change how we heat and cool our buildings and homes” Andrew Lee, President of Innovia GEO Corp.

The prize package for the winning innovator includes:

  1. Three meetings with potential investors/clients set up by Eddy Solutions’ CEO, Travis Allan
  2. 1 Hour Consultation with the Microsoft One Commercial Partner team or a Microsoft IOT Business Leader
  3. Coaching through Microsoft AI and IOT insider lab applications
  4. Review with Microsoft One Commercial Partner team for Azure programs

The IoT PropTech Summit, was the first all-day virtual conference organized by Eddy Solutions and PCL Construction and took place on Thursday, November 19. The purpose of the event was to explore how industry leaders are leveraging IoT technology and building automation to create efficiencies while managing risk and resources.  The pitch competition explored new and emerging IoT PropTech solutions from tech entrepreneurs.

Each candidate had 5 minutes to pitch their innovation to an esteemed panel of judges:

Adrian Wang, Director of Innovation and Sustainability, Tridel
Charles Dyer, CEO at Sovereign Asset Management Inc. Asset Management and Co-founder, TriVirtus Capital Inc.
Julie Morin, Director IoT Solutions – Smart Infrastructure, Microsoft
Mark Bryant, Chief Information Officer, PCL Construction
Travis Allan President and CEO, TWIA Investment Holdings, and CEO & President, Eddy Solutions


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