Haltech Client Belleville Launches Website

Belleville – Benefits Plan Management with Transparency. Belleville is the SaaS alternative to traditional group benefits brokerage and consulting services for employers.

Belleville is aligned with providing employers the most cost efficient and tech-enabled solution to benefits brokerage services.

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No more commissions. No more 40-page reports. No more consulting decks. Everything the employer needs is on a website. They see what the consultant sees, it’s just the most efficient way. David McDonald, the founder of Belleville is a health care actuary, experienced benefits consultant, and full stack data scientist.

David worked his way up to a role at a major insurance brokerage where he was tasked with streamlining the internal processes of the firm. There he realized the most cost efficient way to deliver benefits consulting services was to develop an interactive web platform that gave employers access to all the key information pertaining to their benefits plan. Tired of the pace of innovation in the industry, he set out to develop this solution himself.

The offering is now here! The team has access to market leading technology, successful independent benefits consultants, and long time industry executives. The offering makes sense for just about any Ontario based company with a group benefits plan. If you want to learn more check out belleville.app or reach out to contact@belleville.app. They are eager to talk!

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