Haltech Announces 2020 Finalists for #Hi5 Pitch Competition

By October 14, 2020October 16th, 2020Hi5 Pitch Competition

The Halton Region is a thriving community of tech innovation and entrepreneurship, filled with new start-ups looking to showcase their talents. After an in-depth application process, and formal review, Haltech is pleased to announce this year’s pitching clients for the 2020 Hi5 Pitch Competition. Congratulations to Cubby, MyWellSelf, Qwhery, SPOT and XProEM.

On November 26th, 2020, Haltech will host its seventh annual #Hi5 Pitch Competition, where these five high-potential clients will pitch their business to a panel of distinguished judges with the goal of winning a $5000 cash prize. The competition provides innovative start-up companies with an opportunity to generate awareness of their technology, ability to present in front of a broad audience and exposure to industry partners.

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 Meet the 2020 Finalists:


Cubby helps people in high-density areas live more sustainable, stress-free lives, by providing convenient, affordable, and reliable access to app-based, unlimited storage.

Despite providing an immediate opportunity to grow within and infantile Canadian landscape, it became obvious to the founders that the greatest potential lay in a service-based model that levers technology to achieve significant efficiencies addresses changing market demographics, and will result in large profit margins.

Cubby helps its customers by offering a new solution to safely store their belongings and stay organized, freeing-up space at their home and office. In time, reducing stress by providing peace of mind and enable customers to live happy, healthier, and more comfortable lives.

Jeffrey Ross, CEO of Cubby



Guiding Canadians through their holistic health treatment journey.

My Well Self is an online holistic healthcare marketplace where consumers research holistic treatments via editorial content and user-generated data to connect with vetted and local holistic health practitioners. Learn about your health concerns and make better decisions through curated resources to find treatment options best suited for your present challenges.



Connecting Smart Homes with Smart Communities

Qwhery offers a new communication channel for citizens to engage their local government. Leveraging location intelligence, voice technology, and authoritative open data, Qwhery’s leading Alexa Skill and Google Action – Q11 connects Smart Homes with Smart Cities, making it much more affordable and efficient to deliver information to citizens.

Smart Homes and Virtual Assistants are a growing channel for engaging with community members. Connecting corporate websites or open data to the Qwhery.Cloud will help start a whole new conversation with your constituents.



Helping Canadian job seekers find work FAST.

Hiring is not what it used to be. It takes months to hire someone and often, they leave far too soon. SPOT solves this by getting the right workers for whatever task you have – with none of the red tape.

Simply put; we are a marketplace for short-term opportunities so that you can recruit as needed when needed.

SPOT App has revolutionized the hiring process giving employers easy access to SPOT’s new socio-Gig Economy, giving full control over managing a flexible workforce. Combined with a proprietary Learning Management System, SPOT is the mechanism for workers to “Learn while you Earn”. Also, with SPOT’s inclusive hiring practices, organizations can measure the impact of their efforts and use the AI matching algorithm to improve it as needed.



The Future of Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling – Creating value through the recovery of high-value products from waste lithium-ion batteries.

Founded in 2018 and established in Toronto, XProEM is a Canadian company developing a disruptive clean technology and business solution to sustainably tackle the imminent problems associated with recycling spent electric vehicle (EV) lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) through their proprietary Solid State Subtractive Metallurgy (S3M) process. This is done by employing a closed-loop recycling process that transforms LIB waste into high-value materials in an environmentally friendly and economically feasible fashion.

XProEM Approach:

  • Closed Loop Recycling – Transform lithium-ion battery waste into high-value materials
  • Low-Cost Operation – High-profit margin due to low operating costs and capital expenditures
  • Environmentally Friendly – Solving the LIB recycling problem without acidic/basic/organic solvents





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