Funding that Helps your Company Grow into Global Markets

Apply online for up to $75,000 in CanExport SMEs funding to cover up to 75% of your international market development activities. Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) may choose up to (5) export markets to target, where your company has no or minimal business.

Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF)

The Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF) supports large-scale, transformative and collaborative projects that help position Canada to prosper in the global knowledge-based economy. SIF projects promote the long-term competitiveness of Canadian industries, clean growth, and the advancement of Canada's strategic technological advantage.

Amber Grant for Women

Applying is simple. Just take a few minutes to tell us about yourself and your business dream. No long, complicated forms to fill out. We announce the $10,000 Amber Grant recipient the first week of every month.

CENGN General Project Proposal

CENGN helps small and medium-sized Canadian technology companies accelerate their commercialization efforts by giving them no-cost access to our enterprise-scale computing and networking testbed to run projects that accelerate their commercialization efforts.

CENGN Smart Agriculture Program

Leveraging technologies like Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence for agriculture solutions are the key to revolutionizing the agricultural industry, which will lead to stimulating job and economic growth, as well as solidifying Ontario’s leadership in Smart Agriculture.

CENGN Smart Mining Program

Under Ontario’s Next Generation Network Program (NGNP), CENGN is funding a CENGN Smart Mining living lab where companies can test their new and innovative IoT-based Smart Mining product solutions that work to make Ontario mines safer and more efficient. Companies that do a CENGN project through the Smart Mining program will be given access to our Next Generation Network wireless infrastructure, as well as the dedicated Smart Mining testbed located at the NORCAT Underground Centre, located near Sudbury, ON.

Incentive Programs and Services

We offer programs and services that speak to the needs of your business, spanning research and development, site selection, talent attraction, future-skilling, business costs, exporting and industry-specific supports.

SR&ED | Government of Canada

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program uses tax incentives to encourage Canadian businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. These tax incentives come in three forms: an income tax deduction, an investment tax credit (ITC), and, in certain circumstances, a refund.

Aboriginal Entreprenurship Program: Access to Capital

This program promotes entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities and seeks to increase the number of viable Indigenous-owned businesses. The program has 2 components: access to capital and business opportunities.

Futurpreneur | Rock my Business Plan

Futurpreneur and RBC proudly present the RBC Rock My Business Start-Up Awards, eight awards of $10k each given annually to diverse, young, aspiring entrepreneurs from across Canada, helping kickstart their businesses.

Deadline: 05/31/2021Apply Now

Aboriginal Entreprenurship Program: Access to Capital

This program promotes entrepreneurship in Indigenous communities and seeks to increase the number of viable Indigenous-owned businesses. The program has 2 components: access to capital and business opportunities.

Delia Financing

DELIA is an automated lending platform for women-owned and women-led innovation-driven enterprises located anywhere in Southern Ontario.

Upskill with NGEN

Under AMPUP (Accelerating Manufacturing Performance Upskilling Program), NGen will cover 50% of the cost of training for Canadian manufacturers to enroll their employees in selected skills development and certification programs offered by established trainers. See our list of available courses and eligibility requirements below.

Gearing Up Program

MiHR’s Gearing Up Program is one of the initiatives used to help strengthen the labour market for the mining industry. Its objective is to change the way students perceive, pursue and acquire the skills needed for in-demand careers in the mining sector by creating 700 work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities in the Canadian mining sector over four years.

Magnet Student Work Placement Program

The Magnet Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) brings together employers, students, and post-secondary school stakeholders to create quality work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities.

Empowering Futures Program

The Empowering Futures Program is Canada’s Student Work Placement Program for the electricity industry. Aimed at preparing students for the future of work, the program will create new work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities in electricity by providing subsidies of up to $7,500 per student position to the employers who create these new opportunities.

ECO Canada | Student Work Placement Program

We will cover up to 75% of a student’s wages to $7,500 when employers hire the brightest minds in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM) and Business.

CCAA | Student Work Placement Program

Work-integrated learning combines classroom learning and hands-on learning in a workplace. The Student Work Placement program helps post-secondary students get relevant work experience they need to prepare for jobs in high-demand fields.

BioTalent Canada | Student Work Placement Program

The program’s wage subsidies help knock down that cost barrier, by covering the cost of a student’s salary by 75% up to a maximum of $7,500. The program enables you to bring on an eager-to-learn student for a special project – and at the end of the placement end up with a skilled candidate already oriented to your company who could meet your future recruiting needs.

ITAC: Career Ready Program | Student Work Placement Program

Students are an ideal source of people-power for short-term projects. Employing work term students is an effective recruiting tool, and supports the development of skills in the next generation of Canada’s workforce. An eligible employer must be willing to employ a student in a tech-immersive role. Tech and non-tech focused organizations are encouraged to apply.

5G Demonstration Program

The ENCQOR 5G Demonstration Program supports standalone small- and medium-sized enterprise (SME) projects and SME collaborations with industry partners and/or public sector organizations such as municipalities, healthcare facilities, public utilities for testing and validation activities using the ENCQOR 5G Innovation Platform as a Service (iPaaS) testbed in order to develop or advance new technologies, products, processes and services.

5G SME Technology Development Program

The ENCQOR 5G SME Technology Development Program (5G SDP) partners Ontario-based small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with ENCQOR 5G Anchor Firms on 5G technology development projects. Areas of technology interest are defined in Challenge Statements submitted to OCE by the ENCQOR 5G Anchor Firms and posted to the OCE website on a rolling basis.

Next Generation Networks (NGN) Demonstration Program

The Next Generation Networks (NGN) Demonstration Program is one of three Advanced Technology Platform (ATP) Demonstration Programs. Other ATP Demonstration Programs include the IBM Innovation Incubator Project Customer Demonstration Program and ENCQOR 5G Demonstration Program. Applicants can apply for more than one demonstration program if they meet the program-specific eligibility criteria.

Pocketed Grant Matching Platform

Pocketed is a powerful grant matching platform designed to do all the heavy lifting for you. Our grant platform is completely free to use.

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Find the right programs and services, whether you’re starting out or scaling up. We just need a few details to find your best matches.

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Search for programs that provide businesses with access to capital either in exchange for equity or not.

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