DMS Lab Pilot Projects


“COVID-19 has pushed many small businesses to the brink. They need new ways to engage with their customer base. The goal of our Future Proof program is to enhance the options available to Ontario small businesses and enable them to adapt in new ways to help them flourish.”

— John Kiru, Executive Director of the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas

The Digital Main Street Lab leverages relationships between technology companies and communities to pilot innovations that encourage transformational change along main street. Projects need not target challenges that have arisen due to Covid-19 but must be able to execute under current Covid-19 safety protocols.

Technology companies gain the opportunity to iterate a new or existing product offering with a main street sector partner which helps provide ‘social proof’ on the potential effectiveness of their solution. Communities gain new approaches to tackle intractable, sector-wide problems.

DMS support involves project advice, introductions, expertise, and funding. Communitech will be selecting the DMS Lab projects to be funded across southwest Ontario; they are able to fund up to $25,000 for each pilot project.

Funding Decisions will be announced soon!

At the core of this project is the need to bring immediate and lasting improvements to our neighbourhood businesses, ensuring not only their survival but foster an environment for them to thrive in a rapidly changing landscape. By launching throughout localized communities, tech companies gain access to real-time feedback from small businesses and effective solutions can be shared throughout the province.

If you have any questions about this program, Haltech is here to help. Please reach out to the DMS Future Proof Program Lead for Halton region: Lee St. James,

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