Thank you for expressing your interest in the new Beyond Boundaries program.

Before we get you on board as a Beyond Boundaries participant, we request that you review and agree to the Terms of Service, and provide us with your full contact information in the fields below. Please fill in all answers with sufficient detail. Our team will assess your application and follow-up with further clarification if needed. 

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Program Overview: 

Think Big and Scale – Julie Ellis 
Learn methods to grow and expand your business and revenue through potential pivoting, exploring new verticals or global markets, or methods to bring new products to market. Gain skills to build your confidence, and shift your mindset to think big and expand your business.

Financial Acumen for Scale – Maria Da Silva
Implement the right financing method to best support your business growth. Understand local and global financial considerations to encourage scaling best practices. 

Technology Strategy – Reema Duggal
Increase your ability to explore and implement the right technology to support growth and sales. Learn when, and how to tap into existing technology, and when to build your own solution to optimize your business processes.  

Sales Excellence – Karen Kelly
Expand your approach to selling to accommodate business growth. Explore the ‘science and art of sales’ and proven sales methods including ‘selling the problem’, and strategies to drive behavioral change. 

The program is funded, in part, by the Government of Canada through the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario. 

Beyond Boundaries Program Fee: $495.00 CAN will be invoiced upon acceptance into the program.

Although most Haltech programs are offered at no cost to participants, we are charging a nominal fee for Beyond Boundaries to reflect the extraordinary value of the mentor contributions and to ensure participants are fully committed to the program. If the program fee poses a problem for your business please contact 

The cohort experience is essential to the success of the program. If you are unable to attend a specific session due to a prior commitment or emergency situation, we encourage you to have one of your employees participate. 


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